About Me


A few quick facts about me:

  •  That’s me on the left up there.
  • I am a college “senior” getting my B.S. in Human Factors Psychology and a minor in procrastination.
  • If I don’t get into graduate school, my backup plan is to move to San Francisco and pitch a Game of Thrones spin-off series to George R.R. Martin.
  • My lifelong goal is to be able to entirely support my impulsive shopping habits.
  • I thoroughly enjoy online shopping, naps, Jane Austen novels, being the only person who laughs at my jokes, and gaining seemingly useless knowledge.

The latter of those hobbies has inspired me to create this blog. As someone who loves learning – inside of the classroom and out – I decided to make it my goal to post daily (or weekly) about something new that I have learned. More specifically, something that I have learned by abandoning my comfort zone.


I am fully confident that great things rarely happen to people who stay within their comfort zones. While I hold this belief, I don’t escape my own comfort zone as often as I would like. With that in mind, my goal for the rest of the semester is to do something that makes me uncomfortable at least once a week.