Does something count as “uncomfortable” or “out of your comfort zone” if you end up enjoying it? Or is that just a happy accident?

As a chronic sufferer of “I-care-too-much-what-people-think-itis,” going to workout is always scary for me. Am I running weird? Are people going to make fun of me for only using the small weights? Are my workout clothes sporty enough?

However, given the fact that a three year diet of breakfast cereal and Top Ramen causes significant weight gain, I decided that this year I would actually go to the gym regularly.

I began by taking an abs, glutes, & thighs class in the fall. Thankfully, the idea that this was a class and not just any old Joe or Jane on the street could see me wheezing after my second crunch helped me push myself a little bit harder. By the end of the semester, I could tell a difference in my energy, and that I actually craved exercise. I enrolled in yoga for the spring, and decided to workout for an hour before every yoga class.

With the exception of one particularly stressful week, I have stuck to this routine! And although I still have my reservations about doing abs at the rec, I am always eager to go run on the treadmill and get the day’s frustrations out of the way. Along with having something to look forward to, my mood and energy have improved and I’m now trying to fit in one more day of working out per week.

So putting myself outside of my comfort zone frequently and regularly actually resulted in me [maybe] finding a new hobby, and definitely resulted in a healthier lifestyle (I no longer eat Top Ramen).



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