The past few weeks have been blissfully uneventful and I struggled to find anything out of my comfort zone. I spent 35 hours of spring break at work, and the rest catching up on homework, and binge watching The Office… The opportunities didn’t exactly come a-knockin’.

In light of my absence of uncomfortable things, this post is going to pivot from actively putting myself outside of my comfort zone to discussing other ways of self-improvement – like a healthy diet or simply being optimistic.

Since I do not have a PhD in Self-Improvement (is that a thing?), I’m going to refer to‘s list of 42 Practical Ways to Improve Yourself and pick three favorites from that list to discuss.

The first self-improvement tip that I liked was to pick up a new hobby. It’s (almost) always fun to learn to do something new, and it’s even more satisfying to be good at something your friends aren’t (*side note: that’s not a shining example of self-improvement, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t boost my ego just a little.) When you take up a new hobby, you’re expanding your knowledge by learning about a topic you previously didn’t know about and continuous learning is a HUGE part of self-improvement, but I’ll save that for another post.

The second tip is to ask for feedback. A lot of us are painfully aware of tiny problems that no one else notices, but completely oblivious to bad habits or character traits that they do. When you ask someone for feedback on how you could improve, you’re not only learning more about yourself, you’re also making yourself uncomfortable (I knew I’d tie it back somehow), and in a sense really proving to yourself that self-improvement is something you’re serious about.

Lastly, is to “Set Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs).” Goal setting is something that comes up in almost every lower level college course, and if I’m not wrong, it has been thoroughly beaten into the brains of every college student across the country. Goals are fun to make, exciting to chase after, and leave the sweet, sweet taste of victory in your mouth when they are accomplished.

So, while my self-improvement in one specific area may have slowed to a crawl, maybe it will speed up to a sprint jog in another.



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