Weeks 3 & 4: The Time That I Was Actually Pretty Comfortable

Unfortunately, I haven’t put myself too far outside of my comfort zone in the past two weeks. Some of that is probably from me being too lazy to do anything or go anywhere out of the ordinary. Most of it is because I had a Calculus II test this week and in preparation, I turned into a tiny, over-anxious hermit whose nose never left her book (despite all of this, I still might have failed).

Even though I didn’t make any huge leaps outside of my beloved comfort zone, I did take a few tiny steps.

  • Last week, in preparation for my descent into hell  Calculus test, I went into the math tutoring lab and asked for help.
  • This weekend, I went out for drinks with some coworkers and through some intense persuasion, actually danced in public.
  • Today, in the class that this assignment is for, I gave a whopping 90 second presentation on our mini website.

In case you lost count of how many herculean steps of discomfort I took while reading that lengthy list, I tippy-toed out of my comfort zone three whole times in these past two weeks. Maybe my math isn’t wonderful (I did possibly fail a Calculus test today), but I’m pretty sure three tippy-toes add up to one massive stride.

Hopefully next week will be better.



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