Uncomfortable Week 2: The Audition

A few weeks ago, I saw a flyer on my way home from class. It was the day after I had decided what my blog was going to be about, so the assignment was still fresh on my mind. The flyer offered the dates of auditions for a student-directed short film. I immediately brushed it off and continued walking. I don’t act and have always thought of people who participate in student films as being either the embodiment of the over-zealous Rachel and Kurt from Glee, or the “I hate everything but I hate this less”crowd. However, with this on my mind, I back pedaled and thought that, in terms of comfort zones, this would be as far out of mine as the Apollo 11 moon landing was from Earth.

So I emailed the contact, set up a time last Friday, and auditioned (terribly) for the part. I tried to talk myself out of the audition – if I’m counting correctly- at least three million times. But the more uncomfortable and embarrassed I was to go do this, the more I knew that I needed to do it – even if it was awful.

The audition itself was a terrifying mixture of social awkwardness and horrible acting, but since no one else showed up I was, by default, the best actress there and was offered a part. Unfortunately very fortunately, the film schedule doesn’t work out with my own school and work schedule and I will not have to endure the horror of seeing myself on the small screen.

The poster for the student film.

Side note: The student making this film still needs two actresses and an actor for the roles if anyone is interested!



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